Baptism and Christening

What better way to celebrate new life than to come to Church for a Baptism.  Whether you’re bringing a child for a Christening or decided that now is the time when you’d like to mark the start of your journey of faith, Baptism is the once in a life time celebration of God’s love for his children.

Often people who don’t live here ring up because there is a strong family connection, so do get in touch and we can explore the options.

Justin Pottinger

Many people choose to celebrate their baptism as part of the main Sunday service, but where that’s not feasible, we can make alterative provision and people then take up the opportunity of coming along to a Sunday service to meet the wider congregation at another time.

If you think Baptism or Christening might be for you, then please do get in touch for to discuss the options.


The Rev'd Justin Pottinger

Vicar of The Red Post Benefice
The Vicarage
East Morden
BH20 7DW

Tel: 01929 459244


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