Marriage is one of the greatest adventures open to us and what better place to have your wedding than in one of our churches where people have been coming for centuries to ask for God’s blessing on their new life together?

Can we get married in Church?

Since the marriage of two persons is a legal covenant there are some things in law that cannot be changed. However, there are many legal avenues that make it easier than ever before to marry in the church of your choice.

Whether or not either of you current live in one of our parishes, we’ll explain your options and the possible routes for getting married here.

What if I or my fiancée have been divorced?

We welcome those who have been through the sadness of divorce and want to make a new start. Obviously we would need to talk with you and listen to your story. Many people are able to get married in one of our churches, but there are a few situations in which it would not be possible. Let’s have the conversation and see where it takes us.


What if we are living together already?

We welcome you as you seek to become one in law and, most importantly, add God’s blessing to what you already have.  We’re also keen to work with you to involve any children you may have in the service – it may be that this would be a good time to have their Christening too!

Here for you

Church is a living body of people and not just a venue. This means that after all the festivities are over we will still be here to welcome you, support you and pray for you. We pray for couples getting married as their wedding approaches and we also have an annual celebration on the Sunday nearest Valentine’s Day – please do join us!

The Marriage of Alice and Dale


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